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Mary Kingswood

Sheer Audio has produced four audiobook series for me. I am delighted with my narrator and the sound quality, and their professionalism has made the process smooth from start to finish.

A pleasure to work with.

Neal James

Sheer Audio in general and Steven in particular get a big 'thumbs up' from me in the production of Holly and the Ivy.

Right from the outset, they have been a constant source of advice and technical know-how which has brought the story to an entirely new level.

Steven's professionalism has shone like a beacon throughout, and I'm looking forward very much to working with him on some more substantial projects.

Toni Frutin

Steven went above and beyond what I was expecting from him. He always had time to answer my questions and give me great advice on the quality of the sound I was producing. He really was my wing man on this book. With it being my first, I needed a certain amount of hand holding and he was always there to help. He also gave me great advice on microphones and which ones would suit the tone of my voice, and I'm delighted with the one he suggested. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Steven for any technical work I need done.

Claire Colston

It was an absolute pleasure working with Steven on our most recent project. Not only was Steven incredibly professional in regards to the recordings themselves, he had an uncanny knack of putting everyone at complete ease from the very beginning, which made the whole experience relaxed and fun for everyone involved, and what a result! 


So pleased with the quality of the sound, we got everything we needed and more, overall it was a great experience and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional sound designer!

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